Protezioni telescopiche

Romani Components propone da diversi anni una gamma completa delle più sofisticate ed innovative protezioni telescopiche per assi di macchine utensili ed impianti industriali in genere.
Romani Components dispone di soffietti di protezione adatti per le diverse applicazioni in ambiente industriale.

Qui di seguito vengono indicate le principali caratteristiche delle protezioni telescopiche Romani Components:


They represent the traditional form of covering the guide ways, shafts, columns and other sensitive parts of machine tools, which:
- protect the guide ways of machines against swarfs and cutting liquids
- prevent mechanical damage of machine guide ways
- increase the service life of machines
- optically round the overall appearance of the machine
- help prevent accidents.

Owing to the many years of experience and several tens of thousands of covers made, they are characterized by:
- adjusting for high travel speeds
- design for both horizontal and vertical application
- top-class workmanship
- original design adjusted to the advanced technology used by a customer
- high-quality of workmanship and material used
- easy maintenance, long life.

- they are designed, adjusted and made to measure for our customers according to specific parameters and application
- during designing, the up-to-date technologies of 3D designing in CAD are used
- for each customer, a solution is prepared and completed within several weeks.

covers are made of high-quality steel sheet in thickness from 1,5 mm to 3 mm, also in a stainless design.

- covering of all machine tool axes equipped with wiper systems with supporting plates of stainless sheet or drawn sections. Both systems provide excellent sealing and wiping characteristics
- systems of sliders of brass, brass with a special sliding plastic layer, or plastic sliders
- three sizes of travel bearings or plastic travel bearings
- for the damping of shocks and high speeds, we offer a wide range of damping systems, including shear systems and hydraulic brake systems
- sale of high quality original spare parts
- possibility of renovations of current telescopic covers in our company.