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Precision Hypoid Gears


Romani Components, in partnership with ESA Eppinger GmbH, offers precision hypoid gearboxes, which, thanks to their compact and robust design, are suitable for specific and highly dynamic applications.

This type of gearbox is able to transmit a greater torque with the same dimensions thanks to the higher overall overlap, and it is also possible to achieve higher ratios.

Hypoid gearboxes are distinguished by their remarkable quietness of operation.

Product range with solid output shaft on the right or left or on both sides or hollow shaft version. All servo motors can be easily coupled by means of a flexible motor flange and a coupling system.
HT series product range; sizes from 90 to 215, reduction ratio from 5:1 to 15:1, output nominal torque from 25 to 720 Nm, monoblock housing design for maximum precision and efficiency, aluminum housing, Gleason bevel gears.
Double stage SHT series product range; Sizes from 100 to 150, reduction ratio from 20:1 to 90:1, output nominal torque from 55 to 250 Nm. In an extremely compact space it is able to transmit high power density and extremely reduced torsional backlash ≤ 1 arcmin, die-cast aluminum housing, lifetime lubrication.

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