The natural complement to the main product families is the accessories line. Constantly evolving, it is also flexible to customer-designed parts requests.

Lubrication Pinions


DLS is a German company that produces components and automatic lubrication systems suitable for various applications, particularly for racks and gears, linear guides, ball screws, bearings, and chains.

The company has always focused on developing the quality of its products as well as constantly expanding their range. Romani Components boasts an important partnership that has allowed the comprehensive coverage of the Italian market with campaigns aimed at supplying a highly qualified and reliable product, focusing on excellent timing of delivery of the finished product to the drawing, all while maintaining a quality of product, service, and process that is always at the forefront. The company’s technicians are able to study every single aspect related to the composition of automatic lubrication systems.

DLS’s production range also includes lubrication pinions for chains and racks, both with straight and helical teeth, either right or left. Single pieces are also available, and even custom-made pieces can be produced according to customer drawings.

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