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Trochoidal Racks


In the wide range of linear components and technology offered by Romani Components, we distribute precision racks from Sejinigb with a trochoidal profile and the corresponding roller pinion called PREX.

This motion transmission system differs from traditional precision racks precisely because of the high performance guaranteed over the long term.

The system involves the use of a rack with trochoidal teeth generated by a pinion rolling on the sides of the rack teeth. The pinion consists of a series of rollers arranged on its primitive circumference, supported by long-life lubricated needle bearings, so that two rollers are always engaged in opposition on the teeth, eliminating axial play.

– High precision and repeatability
– High loads thanks to the needle bearings inside the pinion roller
– Lubrication-free thanks to the internal long-life lubricated bearings
– Can achieve high speeds (up to 11m/sec) due to very low friction
– Repeatability values within ┬▒ 0.0127 mm
– Suitable for working in highly contaminated environments (wood dust, marble, glass)
– Low noise thanks to the pinion rollers, which do not generate friction when rotating
– Corrosion-resistant with optional anti-oxidation treatment

PREX racks can be coupled one after the other, ensuring continuity of module and linear transmission even over long strokes. Trochoidal racks can also be provided with a radius of curvature tailored to customer needs. Racks with lengths and hole pitches OUT OF STANDARD can also be provided on request, thus meeting the custom requirements of customers.

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