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Strain Wave Gears


Romani Components exclusively distributes zero-backlash harmonic gear reducers with harmonic wave deformation from Kofon Motion®, Laifual Drive, Nidec/Shimpo.

The construction technology of zero-backlash harmonic gear reducers with harmonic wave deformation features a flexible element that deforms during motion and assumes an elliptical geometry. This reduction method allows for a variety of ratios to be set without changing the overall shape of the gear assembly, increasing its weight, or adding reduction stages. Some models offer the possibility of having a central through-hole that allows the user to pass cables, power supplies, laser beams, and so on.

Thanks to the high torque ratios, with only three base components aligned coaxially: Wave Generator, Flex spline, and Circular spline, harmonic gear reducers can be easily adopted for existing applications.

For their entire service life, they guarantee absolute backlash absence and maintain high torque and torsional rigidity values. Excellent positioning precision lower than 1 arcmin and repeatability of a few arcseconds.

They offer the following advantages:
• Zero backlash
• High efficiency
• High ratios in a single stage
• High reduction ratios in a reduced footprint
• Exceptional repeatability and positioning precision
• Lightweight with superior torque density


Romani Components exclusively distributes zero-backlash cycloidal gear reducers from ESA Eppinger GmbH, Nidec/Shimpo, Nissei Corporation.

The construction technology of cycloidal gear reducers is based on eccentric rotations with a cycloidal profile. The advantage of this solution is the extremely low contact pressure. Another difference compared to planetary gear reducers that transmit force through the gear teeth is that the cycloidal reducer transmits force through rotation and not through the effort of the teeth.

They offer the following advantages:
– Ideal in cases where positioning precision is of fundamental importance
– The backlash remains practically unchanged over time
– They guarantee zero backlash even at high speeds and high accelerations

Cycloidal reducers allow reduction ratios from 30:1 to over 300:1 in a single stage. Due to their structure, cycloidal reducers are significantly more rigid and therefore compact (about 50% shorter) and lighter than multi-stage planetary reducers.

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