A wide range of products dedicated to linear motion as well as their quality and reliability are the strengths of this product family.

Linear Tables And Modules


Romani Components designs and manufactures electrically driven linear actuators and units in collaboration with several of our partners, in standard catalog versions or according to specific dimensional and performance requirements dictated by the customer, always focusing on the development of the quality of its products.

Linear units are precision systems, with guiding and driving functions ready for use with high performance characteristics and compact dimensions. Thanks to these systems, it is possible to create machinery, plants, and devices more quickly, simply, and economically. Design, production, and logistics become much simpler. Multi-axis combinations x, y, z are possible and easy to create thanks to the T-slots on the extrusions and coupling plates. Or real Cartesian systems, true multi-axis linear robots plug and play.

The production range includes linear units with aluminum structure built with precision ball guides, and drives with ball screw, belt, or rack. They can be equipped with a switch, power outlet, plug, and cable channel, optional components such as screw supports, connection plates, brackets, position measurement systems, standard or optional impurity protections, or rigid covers or bellows.

Ball guide tables are particularly suitable for applications where high speeds, accelerations, and high positioning accuracy are required. It is therefore possible to carry out multiple positioning operations in rapid succession with very high speeds and accelerations, while maintaining high positioning accuracy.

The linear tables are equipped with two linear ball guides that, thanks to the high distance between the rails, can withstand high torques. Two carriages for each rail allow to support high longitudinal moments. Thanks to the four long carriages integrated into the table and the large surface for connection, the ball guide tables, because they are supported for their entire length, can support very high forces. The basic structure of the tables on carriages and rails is made of machined aluminum profile or steel if greater rigidity and precision are desired. By means of a so-called cross table, it is possible to join the ball guide tables to create x-y units (two-axis units).


Precision modules with linear ball guide and ball screws are highly rigid and precise and have very compact dimensions. They are particularly suitable for thrust, transport, and positioning applications. Precision modules represent a ready-to-install solution, highly integrated for applications in multiple industrial sectors.

Precision steel profiles as an extremely compact and rigid base structure with lateral stops and integrated rolling surfaces. The advancement is generated with a ball screw mounted in a drive flange. They achieve very high load coefficients and high rigidity with minimum friction and minimal torque.

Depending on the application, a range of sizes and the following optional accessories are available: limit switches, second block, aluminum cover, bellows cover, motor adapter flanges. The linear axes are supplied as fully assembled units. Upon request, optional accessories can be supplied separately.

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