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Planetary Gearbox


Romani Components exclusively distributes planetary gearboxes, precision planetary gearboxes from Kofon Motion® and ESA Eppinger GmbH, Nidec/Shimpo. A wide range of standard modular solutions, and upon request from the customer, personalized solutions thanks to the Kofon Motion Transmission R&D Center located in Germany.

Our partners provide a software on their website that will help the designer to identify the best solution. You can easily download technical drawings and CAD data, select the most suitable gearbox quickly and easily.

Alternatively, we can support you in the initial project phase by identifying the best possible solution according to the application, both for high precision and torque density axes, or we can guarantee in most cases the interchangeability with the product already used by the customer thanks to the wide choice of output interfaces and reduction ratios with torsional backlash of > 1 arcmin and multiple types of mounting flanges to pair them with all motor manufacturers.

The production range includes coaxial and angular gearboxes, both with output shaft with key or smooth or flanged for more compact solutions with reduction ratios from 3:1 up to 512:1.

Coaxial planetary gearboxes are the ideal solution for multiple applications that require high dynamics thanks to the reduced inertia of the mass of the output rotating shaft. Also available in stainless steel with IP67 protection rating.

Angular planetary gearboxes combine the advantages of a compact angular gearbox with those provided by a planetary gearbox, offering extreme versatility in mounting. The flanged interface offers further compactness to the system.

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