GTEN is a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing ball screws for several decades, and it has been present in international markets for many years. The company has always focused on developing the quality of its products, as well as continuously expanding its range. Romani Components boasts a twenty-year partnership that has allowed both companies to penetrate the Italian market extensively through campaigns aimed at material availability, prompt management, and rapid order fulfillment, all while maintaining cutting-edge product, service, and process quality. End machining, hot shrink fitting of rings, and reduction of play on the screws are among the most common machining operations performed by Romani Components technicians. Dedicated stocks and therefore always available material are a prerogative for those who decide to rely on Romani Components.

The production range includes ball screws from 12 to 80 mm in diameter with variable pitches from 1 to 40 mm, in addition to the classic long square pitches; flanged single and double screws and cylindrical screws are always available in stock. The precision classes are C7 and C5. Custom-designed screws and miniature screws are also available upon request.


KSK is a Czech Republic-based company that has been manufacturing ground ball screws for the international market for several decades. The company has always focused on developing the quality of its products, as well as continuously expanding its range.

Leveraging twenty years of experience in this product category, Romani Components has selected this reliable partner for the sale of precision ground ball screws in the Italian market.

A highly qualified and reliable product with cutting-edge service and processes. The production range includes miniature ball screws and standard screws from 12 to 250mm in diameter with lengths up to 14 meters in a single bar, which can be joined, and with variable pitches from short to long; simple, double, shifted, rotating, high load, and high-speed screws are part of KSK’s extensive production range. Precision classes can range from IT1 to IT7.

Recently, a stock of standard material according to DIN69051 standards has been set up and is available at the Romani Components headquarters.

Repairs and overhauls of used screws from any brand are another service provided by KSK.