We present the new “NSG” series of miniature ball screws compliant with the ISO/DIN standard from our Japanese partners, KSS.

  • Features
    ・Ball Screws with Nut outer diameter conforming to ISO standard ( ISO 3408-2 series1 / DIN 69051-5).
    ・Reinforced recirculating device and optimized Ball track of circulation improve reliability of rotational performance and durability.
    ・Designed with respect for SDGs. M-thread Nuts are standardized and adhensive-free to reduce disposal loss.
  • Construction of Ball Screw
    【Internal-deflector system】 Adopted to screw lead 1mm and 2mm
    【Middle-deflector system】Adopted to screw lead 4mm and 5mm
  • Accuracy Grade & Axial play
    Accuracy grade of NSG series is based on C3 and C5(JIS B 1192-3.
    According to accuracy grade, Axial play 0(Preload: C3)and 0.005mm or less( C5)are available.
    ※Rolled Ball Screw is also available. Please ask KSS if you require Rolled Ball Screws.
  • Material & Surface hardness
    NSG series consists of Shaft and Nut materials SCM415(Carburizing and quenching)and Surface hardness is HRC58~62.
  • Lubrication
    If there is no specific instruction, KSS would recommend our original Grease(MSG No.2)as standard lubricant.